(Cottus aturi)

The cottus aturi is a small fish with a scaleless body which is well distributed in northern and central Europe, but has a very limited presence in countries further to the south.


It is only present on the Iberian Peninsula in the Pyrenean regions and even so there are only three fragmented populations, two of which are in Navarre (in the Rivers Bidasoa and Nive). In the basin of the Bidasoa, the species has only been observed in brooks, not in the main channel.

It has been designated a keystone species in the SACs "River Bidasoa", "Señorío de Bértiz" and "River Baztan and Artesiaga Brook."

Cottus aturi
Code: 1163
Annexes to Directive 92/43/CEE: II

Site Population size Conservation status
SAC River Leitzaran ES2120013 Not present Not present
SAC River Bidasoa ES2200014 C C
SAC River Baztan and Artesiaga Brook ES2200023 C C
SAC Señorío de Bertiz ES2200017 C B
SCI Artikutza ES2200010 Not present Not present
SCI Belate ES2200018 Not present Not present

A: Excellent representation B: Good representation C: Significant representation. D: Insignificant representation

More information

National inventories national- Cottus gobio
SIBIC 2014. Spanish Fish Chart. Electronic publication (version 01/2015).

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