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ES2200010 Artikutza


Mapa ArtikutzaES2200010   Artikutza

The “Artikutza” site is located in the northwestern-most part of Navarre in the municipal area of Goizueta and covers the same area as the Artikutza estate owned by Donostia/San Sebastián City Council. It encompasses 3,638.55 ha.
Artikutza borders the province of Gipuzkoa to the northwest, the municipal area of Lesaka to the northeast, the municipal area of Arantza to the east, land belonging to the municipal area of Goizueta to the west and Zubieta and Beintza-Labaien to the south.
The Artikutza estate belongs to the City Council of San Sebastian, which has restricted use and forest management in the basin since acquiring it at the beginning of the 20th century in order to protect it as an area for the provision of water. Consequently, its natural and cultural values have been conserved to a considerable extent.


Navarrese Decree 264/2015 of 2 December designating the Site of Community Importance “Artikutza” a Special Area of Conservation and approving its management plan.



Government of Navarre website

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