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ES2200023 Baztan River and Artesiaga Brook


15_mapa_ES2200023_baztan ES2200023 Río Baztan

The "River Baztan and Artesiaga Brook" site is located in the northwestern-most part of Navarre, in the municipal district of Baztan. The River Baztan, the more defined of the two branches, runs from east to west from Elizondo to Oronoz-Mugaire, passing through the village of Arraioz. The other branch, the Artesiaga brook, starts at the power station of the same name and runs southeast-northwest through Irurita before flowing into the River Baztan upstream from Arraioz. The site ends at the bridge to the Señorio de Bertiz Natural Park and SAC in Oronoz-Mugaire 4.6 km downstream from the confluence of the two rivers.


Navarrese Decree 49/2014 of 11 June designating the Site of Community Importance “River Baztan and Artesiaga Brook” a Special Area of Conservation and approving its management plan.



Government of Navarre website

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