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River flora of the Bidasoa basin, new publication of IREKIBAI

It is an identification guide with data sheets and identification keys for water-bound species, developed within the LIFE IREKIBAI project.

A new publication, Fluvial flora of the Bidasoa basin, is presented in the Señorío de Bertiz Natural Park, which shows the main species of fluvial flora linked to the fluvial courses that inhabit that basin. The authors, Juan Carlos Báscones Carretero and Esperanza Ursúa Sesma, are botanical experts and have collaborated with technicians from the Department of Rural Development and Environment of the Government of Navarra and the public company Gestión Ambiental de Navarra GAN-NIK. The latter has been precisely in charge of coordinating and editing the guide within the framework of the European LIFE IREKIBAI Open Rivers project: Improving connectivity and habitats in rivers shared by Navarra and Gipuzkoa, in which the Government of Navarra participates.

The aim of the publication is to be a field guide for people who love nature and allows us to get closer to the plants and facilitates their knowledge through direct observation. In its more than 100 explanatory files, the most apparent morphological features that distinguish the main species, the most characteristic and their notable adaptations to the ecological environment are described, detailing information on where they appear, their habitat and their distribution. In addition, at the end of the Guide, several river viewpoints and short complementary routes are proposed, with general explanations about the landscape and the riverside forests.

A thousand copies have been published in Spanish and five hundred in Basque, and their distribution will take place in the area where the project operates. In addition, its online version can be found on the LIFE IREKIBAI project website: :

Throughout its two hundred and fifty pages, we can find the description of the geographical and climatic framework, the detail of the vegetal landscape and the river through the seasons and that, supported by beautiful photographs and illustrations, offers a complete selection of the most representative of the vegetation linked to this watercourse.

Irekibai, through initiatives such as the edition of this book, promotes public awareness and participation to improve the care of the habitats, flora and fauna of our rivers.

The LIFE IREKIBAI project has partners from the Basque Country (Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, URA and HAZI Foundation) and Navarra (Government of Navarra through GAN), which combine their capacities and competences to guarantee the conservation status of habitats and species of community interest of Natura 2000 spaces located in the Bidasoa and Leitzaran river basins. The European financial instrument for the environment LIFE finances 60% of this project (LIFE14 NAT / ES / 186 IREKIBAI), which has a total budget of € 2,999,372 until 2020.



Flora fluvial de la cuenca del Bidasoa

Bidasoaren arroko ibai-landaredia




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