Four communications on actions of the LIFE IREKIBAI project are presented in the III Iberian Congress on River Restoration – Restaura Ríos

The third Iberian Conference on River Restoration, ‘RESTAURARIOS 2019’ is organized by the Iberian Centre for River Restoration (CIREF) in coordination with the Segura River Authority, with the support of Project LIFE+RIPISILVANATURA, Wetlands International-European Association, the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition, and the cooperation of Calasparra City Hall, addressed for three days the needs of the rivers of the Iberian Peninsula through debate and exchange of information between professionals, managers, academics and social groups.

From the Government of Navarra through the company Gestión Ambiental de Navarra-GAN-NIK, various actions of the LIFE IREKIBAI were presented at the Congress, namely: Luis Sanz presented “Contribuciones a la restauración de la cuenca del Bidasoa de los proyectos LIFE IREKIBAI y H2OGUREA en Navarra”;  Josu Elso talked about “Escalas de artesas y Denil: seguimiento de su funcionalidad para salmónidos usando telemetría PIT” and Ana Varela explained the “Procesos de participación pública y experiencias en custodia fluvial” that are developed in the project.

In addition, Askoa Ibisate, of the UPV / EHU, an entity that has signed a research contract with the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, presented the “Seguimiento del caudal sólido en el río Leitzaran(Gipuzkoa) e implicaciones para la restauración fluvial”; exposing the changes that have taken place after eliminating the dams of Inturia, Truchas Erreka and of beginning to act in Olloki, within the actions of the project.


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