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Voluntary activities in rivers

Support for associations and local entities in volunteering activities in Navarran rivers.  Baztan-Bidasoa river basin, Urumea, Araxes and Leitzaran

For years, the Government of Navarre Department for Rural Development, the Environment and Local Administration has promoted river activities in different towns in Navarre.

This year you too may be able to take part in a local initiative thanks to the Life IREKIBAI project. You suggest the activity, and we support it, help disseminate it, organise it and accompany it wherever possible. We provide materials for the collection, keep a check on participants, cover food expenses and give a certificate to those involved if required.

More information [Download PDF]

Programa de educación ambiental y apoyo al voluntariado. 2016. Departamento de Desarrollo Rural, Medio Ambiente y Administración Local del Gobierno de Navarra. [Press release]

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