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Environmental volunteering in rivers in the Baztan-Bidasoa basin around World Environment Day in 2018

The Voluntary Program in rivers of the LIFE IREKIBAI Project joins the celebration of World Environment Day. Around the commemoration date, on Tuesday, June 5, the LIFE IREKIBAI project has supported various environmental volunteer activities in rivers. Specifically, the Bertizarana City Council and the Baztan City Council have organized river cleaning days on June 2. Auzolanes were specifically carried out in four villages: Narbarte, Lekaroz, Elizondo and Amaiur. As a result, more than half a hundred volunteers from these locations made a cleaning of garbage, plastics and other waste in different races of the Baztan-Bidasoa Basins. The objective of these environmental volunteer activities is to promote the active participation of the population in the conservation and improvement of the river ecosystem, and to inform and sensitize the population through the knowledge of its river and its environment.

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