Día Mundial de la Migración de los Peces 2018

On Saturday, May 21, the

"World Fish Migration Day 2018"

With the following program:

  • What are the main migrating fish in Navarra? What is their current situation, their recent evolution and the main conservation problems?
  • Work carried out by the Government of Navarra to improve and conserve these fish populations.
  • European projects carried out to improve river connectivity such as the LIFE IREKIBAI project.

Nekane Vizcay Urrutia (Head of the River Restoration and Fish Management Section) and José Ardaiz Ganuza (Head of the Negotiating Department of Fish Management)

Demonstration of electric fishing to observe the species present in the river as it passes through Pamplona: the captured species were shown and the main conservation problems to which they are presented will be explained.

The Day was attended by the Forest Nursery and technicians of the Department of Rural Development, Environment and Local Administration

Place: Arga River, Vergel Bridge (River Park of the Comarca of Pamplona)

Time: from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.